Problem with exporting

I need your help please because I’m about to go nuts :angry:

I made this website, (as a sub page to my main site Now on this site I have a portfolio page. On this page there should be 42 images. However, no matter what I do, RW only shows about 23 images after export :rage: Each time I try a new export, it shows different images, sometimes 23, sometimes only around 20… It seems to be completely irregular. It also makes no difference wether I publish the site through RW or Export it to upload it manually. The strangest thing is that it does seem to upload all the images the way it should, but the Index.html files are not showing alle the images…

I use the standard RW Photo album, and a stacks page (stacks version 2.8.0) with the Pluskit @import procedure to display my images. (I use the PA/Photobox v1.2.3 for a responsive lightbox). I’ve tried several themes, and even build the same site twice but nothing helps… Im getting desperate here getting real close to ditch RW… This mess already cost me more then a days work to get it right :’-(

Hi, Mark,

I don’t have an explanation of what is going on, but I would strongly suggest abandoning the built-in photo album and using one of the many great photo stacks that are available. And update your Stacks plugin to the latest version. That way, you won’t need to use PlusKit and you’ll make your life easier for yourself. (BTW, PlusKit is also available in the new version which improves its functionality and performance.)

I already use the latest PlusKit version. I have not updated Stacks yet since this another payed upgrade. I don’t make any money on building websites, I just want to build and do maintenance my own webpage so I get a bit tired of having to pay for every stupid upgrade, which only puts in more stuff I don’t really need :wink:

I 've been using the Stacks II and PlusKit for the last couple of years and never experienced anything like I have now. I like the simplicity of the standard RW Photo Album and the PA/ Photobox stack since this will show my images full screen and is responsive. I have tried and used WeaverPix in the past but I don’t really like it, since it is much more complicated and not responsive in many cases…

But… If anyone has a good suggestion for me what other Photo album stack I could use which gives the same functionality as what I have now, I would be vey happy to hear it because Im sick and tired of this current mess…

Personally, I am using the Image Gallery stack from CosCulture, but there is a lot of good stacks from many developers. All of them are more advanced than the photo-album plugin built into RW.

I’ve had my wrestling with WeaverPix plugin in the past and I decided against using it. Stacks are way to go – for various reasons (easier to use, more modern, better styling, etc).

Take a look at these few photo gallery stacks (there is many more):

Image Gallery, ProGallery, Gallery 3, Photo.

P.S. Using an outdated version of Stacks plugin may be just the reason of your problem…

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Thx Rob, Ill look into them.

Perhaps using Stacks II is the reason Im having this problem. It 's still weird though, I’ve been using it this way for a long time and it has always worked flawlessly. In fact, when I put the “sub page” back into my main website it does work as it should. And my main website is build exactly the same way, with the same theme etc.

I primarily want the additional website for my wedding work since I want to target a different audience with it. But for now I’ll put it back on my main website because I don’t have the time, nor the desire to spend much more time on it for now… RW gave me a lot of problems the last few days (freezing up a lot, crashing constantly and now the problem with the photo album) and I’m a bit fed up with it right now. Only problem is, I an not familiar with any alternatives (Wordpress?) nor do I have the desire to start all over again…

Strongly suggesting to upgrade to Stacks 3.

I have downloaded and installed the demo-version of Stacks 3, and tried to export my website again. Unfortunately that did not help either so Stacks 3 itself won’t be the solution :unamused:

So, right now I’m working with Rapidweaver 7, (which I already bought as an upgrade) and stacks 3 and the only thing I can do now is to roll back my website to RW 6, if I don’t want to change my photo album (which will take more time again). And to be honest, no I don’t want another photo album stack which I will have to pay for again, and have to put in the time and effort to design it the way I want. I bought the Photo Album option the moment I bought RW7 so they should just make that work as it should :rage: