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(Arjan van den Oever) #1


I’m looking for a good Rapidweaver course and online teacher for helping me with possible questions, whereby I can develop myself to an profesional builder of Rapidweaver websites.

I’ve build self taught already a website with Rapidweaver. Now I want to get to know the fundamentals and develop into a professional.

Does anyone have any advice for me where to find a course and online teacher?

Thanks in advance.

Arjan van den Oever
The Netherlands, Europe

(Rob Beattie) #2

This used to be the place to. Probably still is.

Of course RealMac run paid-for courses as well, Joe Workman has stacks of videos for using Foundation, Will Woodgate has loads of videos on using his Stacks4stacks stacks.

(Jason Bostick) #3

I’d agree with Rob that Rapidweaver Classroom is probably still the best place to go for comprehensive training videos. There’s a free trial, I believe, so you can test it out. The owner there also does (or used to do) private consulting if you wanted something super-tailored.

(TonBreukers) #4

hallo Arjan er is een complete studie hier te vinden,
je kan je er abonneren.

(Arjan van den Oever) #5

Hi, thank you all very much. I’m gonna look at Rapidweaver Classroom.

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