Input Regarding RapidWeaver Classroom

(Varied Team Members) #1

Hello Community… Came across RapidWeaver Classroom last weekend and it looks like a fantastic RapidWeaver centric training resource. Would value input from those who have used it and if it is still actively being supported?

Kind Regards,

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

??? Is there some sort of link you are trying to share? If so it didn’t come across.

(Varied Team Members) #3

Apologies… I just updated the original post to make it a little more clear and included the link.

Thank you,

(Ryan Smith) #4

Hi Dave, it’s funny timing to come across this because about 10 minutes ago I replied to an email that you sent me over the weekend. Yes, I am still active with RapidWeaver Classroom and consulting services! :smile:


(Varied Team Members) #5

Thank You Ryan… Much appreciated. Your site looks great and I have plans to dive in this week and take a look around. Will most likely join as you appear to have a lot of classes that are right in line with some of what I am wanting to learn as it relates to a RapidWeaver development workflow.

Thank you for putting together what appears to be a thoughtfully laid out resource, this sort of thing takes a lot of work to do and get right.

Kind Regards,