Udemy course launch: Build a Website with Rapidweaver for Mac

(Hamish Erskine) #1

My Rapidweaver website has been so key to the success of my plumbing business since I launched in 2012 that I have now created my own Rapidweaver course on Udemy. This course assumes no previous web building experience, and shows you step by step how to build your first website, buy hosting, register a domain, and get it published. It begins with Rapidweaver’s built-in plugins, and then after an overview of addons, continues in more detail using stacks. In all, it contains 40 lessons and 9 hours of instructional videos.

You can find it at:

Discount codes are available at:


As a new launch, it’s free to the first 25 who enrol and there are graduated discounts after that.

In the process of creating this course, I also created a detailed overview of ‘All Things Rapidweaver’ which you can find at:


I hope that free access to this page will be a useful contribution to Rapidweaver users generally, whether or not you need or choose to take my course. Any feedback would be most welcome.

Creating this course is a partial return to education for me, having previously worked as a teacher for many years before I retrained as a plumber. It’s now time I got back to some plumbing! In case you are curious, my plumbing website is at: