Protocol for getting questions answered

I have a question about best practices for getting questions answered on this forum.

I am not a developer. I don’t create websites for other people. Everything I do is specifically for my own cabinet shop. We sell all of our work directly to end users. The majority of our business comes directly from our website. For this reason I do not feel compelled to know everything about everything because I am not selling my services to to other people. I just need to get my own products sold.

That being said, I am very curious. I don’t know what I don’t know so I am always interested in seeing what is out there. I might need to know it.

For example: Joe Workman posted a video last week that talked about a work-around for Captcha (?) verification. It somehow allowed customers to fill in email boxes but kept BOTS from discovering and polluting it. I would like to learn more about that.

Would this be a question best presented at WeaverSpace or does everybody that hangs out there also show up here? Where would I find the largest gene pool of input?

What would be what is the best way to provide contextual information to get a question answered?

I have so far been relying on screen shots of my site.
I do this rather than posting a direct link to the URL because of I am concerned about calling attention to my site. I don’t want Bots to somehow ferret me out and I am not sure if I should be concerned about bad actors.

Here, for example, is the gallery page I intend to use for navigation.
It was built using Foundry with Cards nested inside a Container.

Here are three questions/problems I am trying to solve:

  1. Is there a way to make the faint gray lines around each card go away?

  2. The images associated with each card number change depending on what type of device you are looking at. Everything is correct on a large screen monitor. The same holds true for a regular size iPad viewed in either horizontal or vertical mode. The correlation between kitchen number and image becomes completely random when viewed on an iPhone in either orientation. The image displayed in Kitchen 2 is accurate on the desktop and iPad but on the iPad is of a different (wrong) kitchen.

Might this have something to do connection speed when I publish the changes?

  1. Is there a better stack somewhere for creating a gallery/navigation page that looks exactly like this?

If you need help with styling (like the grey lines) you really need to give a url so we can see the code on the page and give you the CSS you need.

Tim, if you are using Joe Workman’s stacks then Weavers Space is the place to be although some of us hang out here and on RW4ALL as well as Weavers Space. If you are using stacks from other developers, then here or RW4ALL is the place to be.

I find that quite often posts here get ‘lost in the noise’ as people are discussing all sorts of stuff. Weavers Space is more focused on Joe’s stacks, although like all forums discussions can drop off the bottom of the page and be hard to find.

The stack to beat the mail bots was the Foundation 6 ‘Honeypot’ stack in the Forms section. A person filling in the form doesn’t see the Honeypot, but the bots do. If the Honeypot form is filled in by the bots, then it doesn’t get submitted and therefore is never sent.

I haven’t played with this, but it sounds like a much better solution than clicking on all those busses, cars, crosswalks etc.

Check out ProGallery ( ProGallery | Stacks4Stacks ). They have a demo version that you can try before you buy.

Screenshots can be helpful to illustrate what you want something to look like, however, when you need custom CSS or are having an issue, an URL is much better. No reason to be concerned about posting an URL.

Yes, with some custom CSS. It’s best to provide us a link so we can give you the correct CSS code.

How are you assigning the kitchen number and images to the cards? I don’t see a reason they would change.

If you want it to look like this, let’s just figure out why the numbers are changing, rather than switching to a gallery stack.

Thank you for your help so far.

The URL for my practice site is:


It seems to be working fine on an iMac desktop or iPad.
The kitchen ID numbers rearrange themselves on an iPhone 6.

I have no idea how they resolve on an Android device or different version iPhone.

Can you explain what’s happening on your iPhone 6? Are the numbers and images not staying paired as you set in RW? Are the kitchens just not showing in numerical order? If you’ve been testing on your iPhone, it may just have old CSS cached.

It looks like you have a blank card section at the top of each card. It’s using up a lot of room when they stack on a mobile device. I also think they’ll look better without images at the top of each card. You may want to remove them.


Your advice was perfect!

The numbers were not pairing properly on the iPhone with how they were created in RW. I cleared the cache on my phone and now everything seems to be working perfectly.

I agree with you that there is too much white space at the top of each card. I still have to figure out how to make that go away.

This page is built with Foundry. The contents of my page are nested as follows

Card Image & Card Title inside Card
Card inside Grid Content
Grid Content inside Grid
Grid inside Container

The settings are depicted in attached jpegs.

Maybe this is a question for the Elixir Forum?

We should be able to handle it here. I’m out of the office this afternoon, but I’ll take a closer look at your screenshots later today.

Perhaps, @Elixir will spot something obvious to explain the empty card-block above the image inside the card.

If you’d like to provide a project file for us to look at it will be much easier, and quicker.

Use the image as a top image. Then the space should disappear.

Jan’s suggestion was perfect.
Using the image as a “top image” solved the problem.

Thank you!

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