Publish Updated Resource File?

Is there a simple way to publish my site when all I’ve changed is one resource file? My workaround is to make some minor change to text and then undo that change. That forces the publish button to become active.

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I think that’s the purpose of the “Mark all pages and resources changed” item in the File menu. That should label everything as changed and then, when you click Publish, Rapidweaver should scour through your pages to see where the change is and publish those files. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work anyway

I ran the “Mark all pages and resources changed” command twice. Each time it uploaded 17 files even though I made no change to my project, so I’m not sure what the command does.

Some things will be marked as changed no matter what:

  • anything that has a date/time included, or is affected by dates/times might be updated for each publish
  • content that is randomized or scrambled might be randomized for each publish
  • content that is pulled in dynamically from servers (maps, databases, social api) might be pulled in fresh for each publish

in short, there are lots of reasons that a bit of content might be marked as changed. it really depends quite a bit on the content in question.

if you really want to understand it, the best way is to start with something that says it changes every time, and (on a backup of the file) chop the file down until all that’s left is a stack/script/whatever that is getting marked. once you have just one thing, it’s usually pretty obvious what’s going on.

That said, marking the page with the resource as changed, should encourage the resource to get re-published. If it doesn’t then I’d call it a bug – but you’ll probably have to send Realmac a project file that behaves this way to help the understand the bug well enough to fix it.



Thanks @Isaiah. I’ll test that the next time I update a resource file.

It does work even though there are more files uploaded than I would expect.

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