Can't stop republishing all files

Ok first off I have rapid weaver 7.0.4. all stacks and add ons are up to date.

My first issue with publishing was it wouldn’t publish at all. I then changed the publishing settings from passive to extended passive and that fixed the problem where I could publish.

Now my issue is I created a page (1) page, I then published the page. Well instead of just publishing this one page, it published all files. Is there a fix for this yet?

I have looked in the search function and couldn’t find anything.

You have to set all other pages to draft for them not to be published…

That is retarded. so from here on out, I have to republish all files. They are not a draft file. I use draft for things I am working on and don’t want published until it is finalized hence the word draft.Is that not what the draft function was created for?

@garyp What you are experiencing is normal and correct behavior. There is no “fix” for something that is working correctly.

… however I understand to some this may not be intuitive. When you add a new page you are also, behind the scenes, changing the complete navigation links for the website (no matter whether those nav links are visible in the top menu or not). So, in essence, you have changed all pages by ADDING a page.

… on the other hand, if you are EDITING one page and then all pages get exported, that’s probably something unusual and wrong.

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It looks like RW is investigating this (or something similar at least) for the 7.1 release.

(Maybe ignore the time stamp on that reply though :smirk: ).

@Mathew and @jabostick

Thanks guys. this is a bit frustrating. but hey I could have no site.

If I could chip in with what I’m finding with publishing / re-publishing (it may or may not be related).
If I have for example a 10 page site and I make a single spelling alteration on just one single page (in a text box), no links or page layouts are changed, then RW marks all pages as changed and then insists that all pages need to be uploaded.
Is there any way to override this, or do I have to frustratingly live with this “feature”?

The only things I can think of is, instead of using the Publish button in the top right corner, if you can publish a single page by using the file menu (or right clicking the page itself). The other option would be using an external ftp program, and there are lots of others on this forum that swear by that.

I haven’t had the issue myself, but it’s seemed to have popped up with a couple of other people and I don’t know of any existing fix.

If you haven’t already, I’d also submit a ticket to Realmac with your specific details so they can work it into the upcoming 7.1 release

@mike_hamilton What you are describing seems to be a definite bug. It could be something that will be fixed in 7.1, but I have no idea about that. It’s always safer, as @jabostick mentions, to submit a ticket to RealMac.

… I suppose this may not be a bug. For example, let’s say you have a partial stack that you’ve placed on all or most pages. Well if you change one word of the partial on one page, then it has changed the partial on all other pages it appears. So in that case you will always have to publish all pages with the specific partial. Don’t know if this is happening with you though.

Yes… “Smart” publishing isn’t so smart. It is very frustrating. I make a small change to a page and sometimes I get “nothing new to publish.” I MUCH prefer the old way of just right clicking a page and publishing all files associated with that page. That way you know all needed files published. That’s also why I do a lot of publishing to local disk… so I can SEE what files are being published. Then I ftp them up.

I certainly hope 7.1 fixes all this…

I am using 7 to manage a podcast and republish the files. long story

the version 6 just uploaded changes

now? it re uploads all the files. at 140 mp3’s that is a lot of bandwidth

I have 350 podcasts to republish before I start adding new. That is going to be a ton of time and bandwidth everytime I add a new podcast moving forward and these are small podcasts.