RW publishing one page at a time now?

I recently created and published a new RW website. The first publishing went fine, although it took several runs at it to get all the files up there. But did not take long. Anyway, just recently, as I have been making changes and publishing them, RW appears to be only publishing the changes on one page at a time. It will send up files from the page I am on but the blue dots remain on other pages and I have to go to them individually to get them published.

Maybe I changed a setting somewhere? I don’t remember that it used to work this way. I thought it just published all the changes I had made on all of the pages. Or do I misremember?


You can ‘Mark as changed’ for the pages that you’d like RW to publish anew.

And force a republish of all files.

Both options in the File menu

Thanks, but I am not sure that answers my question. That file option is to “mark all pages and resources as changed” but I do not really need to do that. Seems to me that RW recognizes immediately when I change something – it puts up a little blue dot – and then if I “publish”, it publishes the changes.

But it seems to be only publishing the changes from the page I am on when I hit “publish”. I have to go page to page and publish separately for each page. Seems to me that, previously, I could make changes in several or all pages and when I hit “publish”, it published all the changes from all pages where changes had been made. All the little dots went away. Now, the only dot that goes away is the one on the page where I currently am.

That’s what I am asking about.


And you’ve used the Publish button itself - top right in RW6 ?

Yes, that is the way I publish. With the Publish button on the top right. And I see the bar display of files going up and the confirmations that they have been published. It’s just that, lately, they only come from the page I am on. So I have to then go to any other page where I have made changes and publish that one. Perhaps you’re seeing this bug? I am.

That’s possible. Maybe it’s sending up changes but not showing that it has. What I need to do, the next time I see this, is check the published site to see if the changes actually went up the first time I published. On the other hand, after I publish and there are still one or more blue dots showing for other pages and I therefore publish again, it shows that it is sending up files. But it might be resending them. Thanks for the suggestion.

Update 8/11: Seems to have healed itself. A couple days ago, it went back to publishing as it always has, smooth as can be, no problem at all that I can see. Go figure.