Publish with full path

Hi all

Feeling a little stupid…

I want my site published with full path for all links & resources (https://mysite/www/html/rw/rw_resources/…) instead of relative paths.

Is this possible?
If so, how do I set this to happen?

Hoping someone can help

@noomsie Not quite sure you understand the difference between ‘relative’ and ‘absolute’ referencing. Put an image file name at the end of your example above and that image will appear on your screen. That is absolute referencing, which is what you are asking for. RW will put your data etc in exactly the path you enter (in for example - the links functionality). For your pages you would normally set the path by giving it a folder name - if you don’t RW will self assign your folders as Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 etc - eg the path.

Hi - i understand the difference

RW seems to only offer publishing with paths relative to docroot, page or web address - there seems to be no option to publish with absolute paths - which is what I am looking for…


To be clear - when publishing with the ‘relative to web address’ option selected, files in the ‘rw_common’ folder do get a full absolute path reference but files in a page’s folder do not. it is this bit that I do not know how to fix as the setting should surely be applied to all folders?


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