RW not publishing to new URL destination

I have been building a website and have kept it in a subfolder of my photography website so I could test it live while keeping it hidden. I’ve finished the site and am trying to publish it on it’s own domain. I’ve entered the domain in the site settings instead of the subfolder, and changed the path to the home directory, where the other domain is. But it keeps publishing to the subfolder of my other domain. I’ve quit and rebooted RW and it just keeps publishing there.

Any ideas? Here are some screenshots

I’ve got the new domain set here:

I’ve changed the path to the home directory where this domain is:
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 2.35.28 PM

Thanks for any tips. It seems like it’s cached the location or something and isn’t seeing the changes.

It seems to be reachable at the URL in your screenshot, unless I’ve misunderstood the issue:

I just figured it out. I was changing the publishing details for the bookmark, not the actual publishing details for the site. I had to click “show details” and then I saw that even though the bookmark in settings was set correctly, the site settings were still set to publish to that folder. Fixed now!

thank you!

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