publishing finished WEB pages

Hello to all
I have a question about publishing finished WEB pages:
After finishing a WEB project in Rapid Weaver8 I want to publish the pages now. First I want to publish the project locally in a folder.
In the preview of Rapid Weaver 8 everything works and is displayed correctly. After publishing to a local folder, images and links are no longer displayed correctly or not at all. From the local folder I want to transfer the project to the web server using NCH ClassicFTP. Also after the transfer to the WEB server the above described errors occur.
Which publishing settings do I have to use to avoid this error?

How are you viewing “locally”? Although standard html can be viewed with a browser, it’s best to use a web server to view pages. Locally you can use MAMP to easily run mySQL, Apache and PHP locally.

Giving A URL always makes it easier to get help.

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