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I have just updated to Rapidweaver 8, so that I could develop a site that will be used in a local environment, not on the Internet. When I view the pages containing an image gallery, from within the program, the pages display as expected. However, when I publish the site to a local folder, open the folder and click on index.html, my home page is fine. When I select a sub-page to view the gallery of images, I drop out of the site and end up in a finder window. This is very frustrating. I’m hoping someone can tell me what I’m missing or what am I doing wrong?

Websites are designed to have pages (html or PHP) delivered by a web server. Although static HTML pages like the homepages index.html can be displayed by a browser without out a web server, when you click on another page it just displays the directory listing, as the link just points to the directory(folder) of that page.
There’s two different solutions you can use to fix this problem.
if all your pages are HTML you could try going to settings and turn off the tidy links setting. This could work on a limited type of pages but isn’t really the best approach. Any page in RapidWeaver that requires PHP(a server side language) automatically changes the file extension to PHP and that would fail to load.

The second option and the one that would truly work is to run a app called MAMP on your Mac. This has a free version available and is quite simple to setup and use. It installs and manages the Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP. You can check it out, and I recommend you take the time to go through some of the instructions and tutorials on settings it up.

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Thanks Doug.
I duplicated my site and then turned off the tidy links. This appears to have worked across all pages, in terms of linking from page to page and back again. However, some of the page titles have reverted to standard text. For example, pages of photos have reverted from the individual names given to ‘my album’. This is a small compromise that I can live with I think.
I will also explore your second suggestion, MAMP. but need some more time to explore that via tutorials and play.
Really do appreciate you help,

You mention that your site will be used in a “local environment.” Will there be other users or just yourself? If you have other users consider a regular hosted website but simply setup a login system so users must login.

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