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I was active in the RapidWeaver Community some time ago. Now I have version 6 and am new here to the “new” forums (shows you how long It has been, version 4 I think (5)? I am not actively publishing on the web right now. I want to publish something locally to test some ideas but I don’t remember how this is done?

I used to export locally to a folder and then use my FTP client to upload my completed files. RW wants a http file address before It will export now and I don’t have one. A little primer or a pointer to a primer on doing this would be most appreciated. Thanks.

RW thinks it needs a URL to make sure that all links work but in most cases it doesn’t actually use this information, so put any valid URL here – it could be, but don’t select Publish by accident!

If you have any PHP in your pages, you’ll need to run a web server to view your exported site properly. There is one built into OS X but most people prefer to use MAMP which is available for free from

Just follow MAMP’s instructions. It’s very straightforward.

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Actually, what I want to do should be very straightforward. At this point I am simply revisiting what I could easily do with RW and thinking It might make a good organizing/Todo list keeper for me locally.

I know I used to output what I did in RW to a local folder and then use Captain FTP to upload the folder structure once I had It the way I wanted It. Once I can do this I can just open a file locally It It should launch in my default browser, Safari.

If I remember, local files begin with an “f”? Similar to an external address but an internal reference?

The actual file names are the same. The simplest way to open a non-PHP site is simply to go to the file and click on it. It will appear in the browser as file:///this-or-that-directory/index.html