Publishing from WordPress to RW

I am entirely rebuilding my website (currently running on Wordpress) on RW.
When I am ready to publish in RW, is it necessary for me to delete or remove my domain from Wordpress?
There is no change in host or server.
Thanks for any info on this procedure.

Is it a or website?

For the sake of good housekeeping (and avoiding the problem of old and potentially dangerous files still hanging around on the hosting server for bots and spiders to find), it would probably be considered best practice to archive and erase the whole website when you are ready to push the publish button on the new one.

But if the website is done through (who only host Wordpress) then you can probably just re-point the domain to the new hosting provider. Then instruct to close your account, when the new RapidWeaver site is live.

There are various tutorials published online, explaining how to backup a website built with Wordpress. You definitely would want a solid backup of the old website.

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Thank you Will.
My websites are hosted on
So i back up, erase Wordpress and upload the RW website and point it to my domain.

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