Publishing an RW7 project to a domain containing a project published with RW5

(Oscar) #1

Hi everyone, I am getting ready to publish a new website with RW7 to a domain name which currently contains a project that I published with RW5.

Before I go ahead and publish, I want to make sure this will not cause any challenges that can be avoided.

My concern is that since I am not publishing to an “empty” domain name, and that the publishing happened with an older version of RW, that any of these two things might cause me problems now.

If there is a chance that this would happen, I would then prefer to publish to a different brand new domain and then redirect the old domain to the new.

I am not an expert of this stuff, so I apologize in advance, and thank you for your help.


(Greg Schneck) #3

You probably don’t want to remove all old files from your server. There are some files that may have been generated by you or your host that need to be there - htaccess for example or Google keys, etc etc. You can go ahead and publish the new site without deleting files but any old files will just sit there and likely will be indexed by search engines, which of course, you don’t want. So in short, best practice is to know what files are what so you can manage your site properly. Exporting to a local folder and seeing what files RW is creating is a great way to learn. Just be careful not to delete something that may be required. Alternately, publish your new update and then use ftp to view your server looking for old files. Once you locate old files you can begin to learn what they are and delete old ones.