Publishing in RW7 - Does the name 'fontello' look familiar to you?

Like many I’ve not found RW7’s publishing to be the Nirvana Realmac seem to think it is.
RW6 was rock solid for me in this respect, 7 is anything but.

Of the average 3500 files that RW7 publishes overtime I add a couple of product pages to my site the bulk seems to be made up of only half a dozen files:
Here are the culprits (probable spelling discrepancies)


The 4 fontello variants account for at least a third of all my uploaded files.

Can anyone enlighten me as to where these files are coming from?
Presumably they form part of a stack I use repeatedly?

Yes, the vocal people here on the forums that are having issues might seem like many, but I would guess it is the other way around, and you are not hearing the MANY MANY people who are NOT having issues. I have not had one publishing issue since RapidWeaver 7 was released. I hope they solve the issues that you and the others are having, but to put that statement onto a public forums, especially one that new users might be seeing just seems wrong to me.

About Fontello, that is a font, you can tell by the .woff file. You can see info here about it

My guess is one of your stacks uses that for something.

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So pleased to hear that you’re not having problems @zeebe but without it’s experience you can’t see how frustrating it is!

Common sense also dictates that we’re not hearing from the many people who don’t have issues because, well, they ‘don’t have issues’. How you quantify that one I don’t know.

I worked out Fontello was a font.
For someone that labels themselves ‘Team Joe Workman’ I’d have thought you could have done better than a guess at what stack uses it!

First, not a label I gave myself. Second, hard to tell what stack is doing what if we do not have a link to a site. You give me a link to a page and I can almost tell you every stack that is on that page, unless the developer does not label their work. Third, if you knew what it was, why not edit the post to ask what you really want to ask…

I understand you are frustrated, but again, coming onto a public forum to complain about it is really the wrong thing to do. The first thing you should do is contact Realmac. If you do not hear back from them within 48 hours or so, then I would come hear, but again, ask the question in a way people can answer it and not just start out with a complaint. Trust me, I understand frustration, everyone does, but being a positive person about something can make it less frustrating and can help everyone out. That is what the forums are made for, to help people, but saying this as an opening line to your post:

is anything but helpful. I have said my peace, I am sure you will come back and have something else to say about what I said, but I am done on the subject here.