RW7 publishing is a nightmare

With RW6, typically, publishing a page uploads a few dozen files and my whole site a few hundred. Under RW7, a single page needs to send up to 1000 files and the whole site about 10,000. RW7 has various options between ‘Slowest (most reliable)’ and ‘Fast as hell (least reliable)’, but whichever I choose, the connection eventually drops and publishing aborts. I have tried changing Mode from Passive (which is the only viable method under RW6) to Extended Passive; makes no difference. I have succeeded one time in completing upload of the site, so I thought that under smart publishing subsequent sessions would be far less heavy, but no – RW tries to publish hundreds and thousands of files every time, and consistently fails to finish. By contrast, publishing in RW6 continues to be a breeze, and much, much faster than RW7 even on Average setting. Until I can get better results I have no alternative but to revert to RW6, as I simply cannot get work done in RW7.

Man, sorry about your experience.

I have had just the opposite. What is your server provider?

Contact RMS, they have done an enormous amount of work with the FTP engine!


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Definitely contact Realmac directly at like @garageshop mentioned. I’m sure they can help you out.

Same problem for me.

If you could send us the project file and server details we’ll be able to find out what the problem is, email:

You seem to have the same problem as me. I started another thread from which you will see that after a bit of investigation I found that RW7 was republishing all the theme files, whereas RW6 did not. Read down my thread as my second post describes the problem. This is, I believe, what accounts for the massive increase in files.

It’s a bug. Watch out for the next release of RW7. (Note to self, in future wait for this stuff to get ironed out before jumping in with .0 releases!!)

Same problem here. I’ve been trying to publish for more than 4 hours and continue to get ‘Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server’ messages endlessly. All the login credentials are correct. Running RW 7.0.1 - it really is a publishing nightmare.

Has any one found a way to stop RW7 from republishing all files? I have over 20k files publishing overtime a change is made.

7.0.2 is the cure. Not sure if it has been released and you can check the beta’s in the Pref menu to get it.


I grabbed 7.0.2 and found further, unrelated difficulties with it that obliged me to revert to 7.0.1. Now 7.0.1 is behaving perfectly!

Sorry to dredge up an old post, but I must share that I am continuing to experience a related issue that the OP reported - and it’s when using the very newest RW Version 7.5.2.

The problem doesn’t happen the first time I publish a change to my site after opening a RW file - instead, it occurs on the 2nd and every subsequent attempt to publish UNLESS I save my RW file, close and QUIT RW and then reopen RW and then my site file.

So, first time, no issues - usually less than 50 files get published for a single page update publish. But if I forget and attempt to publish a second time from the same file, the program immediately attempts to upload 1700+ items. And, even if I then cancel the upload, quit the program and reopen and attempt to publish, somehow RW remembers that it was trying to publish 1700+ files, and I have had to wait for it to finish that process before I can then quit the program, reopen my file, and only have to wait for a few things to publish again.

This sounds to me like your host is holding onto the ftp connection and there is a limit to how many connections they allow.

Go to your cpanel and look at the ftp connections while publishing see what is happening.

The 1700 file bit is a different issue and hard to answer. Try turning smart publishing off see if it makes a difference.