Unable to find deleteted pages

My website is https://www.drsarahshell.com
Is there anyway to take a deep look into my rapidweaver website code to find references to old deleted pages that keep showing up in website audits. I have searched every where and cannot find these links anywhere:

Thank you

@flmcl When you publish from RW it will only add new content, or delete content/stacks from an individual page. However, it does not delete full pages that you published in the past but are no longer using.

To delete unused pages you’ll need to go in with an FTP app such as Transmit and delete the out of date folders. As an alternative many hosts offer the cPanel where you can do the same thing via a web interface.


Remember that Rapidweaver does not delete ANYTHING from the server, so there could be very many old pages on the server.

Use an FTP app to look at your hosting space and see what you can see. However, do be careful when you delete stuff off the server, make sure it is only RW data and not systems data required by the server. Then do a ‘Republish all files’ from the RW File menu to make sure that anything current that you have deleted gets republished.

Finally I figured it out. The CMS system had files that weren’t removed when I changed a name. Found the unremoved files in the cms-data folder. Thanks for all the help

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