Publishing one page ruins another (foundry)

Interestingly if I publish one page
[Scotts #462a US stamps (](Scotts #462a US stamps)
It screws up another page
[Scotts #462 US stamps (](Scotts #462 US stamps)
This is despite all the assets having unique names. The pages should have the same format, different backgrounds. If I republish the screwed up page it then screws up the page that was fine.

Just to be clear, both pages are in the sidebar of the same project, correct?

Both pages are pointing to the same page-specific CSS file, which is unusual. When you add a stacks page, it gets a different internal identifier, and it should point to a page-specific CSS file using this unique identifier.

Both of you pages refer to:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="files/stacks_page_page8.css?rwcache=642674041">

That’s why both pages change when you make changes to one another.

ye the same project. I had noticed the CSS and figured that was the problem. Any idea how this is occuring?

Share your project file with us and we can more easily assist you.

Create a ZIP file containing your project and then use WeTransfer or a similar service to create a shareable download link you can give us here.

Adam - please find a link in your email

Thanks. By sending it to just me instead of posting it here though means having to wait until I’m at my desk next. I’m out of the office for the majority of today unfortunately. Just a heads up in case you’d like to share it here so others can assist you if possible.

Here is the link

This is two different project files not two pages. You’re publishing two separate projects to the same exact location. Each project is not a page on your site. You have to make multiple pages within a project file.

Give this short set of three short videos a watch. They walk you through building a nice starter site in a few bite-sized videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Thanks Adam. `I am aware of this. They were part of a multiple page project, one file published would screw up the other 11. Separating them was my attempt to get them to work. Tomorrow I will send you the multi page project with these two pages included. You will see the same problem, only multiplied

Heading into the weekend is definitely recommend posting it here again. That said — check your folder names for your pages. Every page should have its own folder name. No pages should share a folder. No folder should be named / as I after see users do. Maybe these will help without needing to share your full project. If not share that download link here so someone can take a look at it and see what you have mis-configured.

Also, as a test to make sure you’re on the right track, follow along with those videos I posted and see how that works out.

I was guilty of using ‘/’ as the folder, now the pages are nested in their unique folder and it worked… EXCEPT… it changed the banner bg photo of the index page of the site, weird?

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