Problem with self editing pages SOLVED

Im building a database with bands
Each band has its own page, the first I created was fine, no problem
After making a copy of the first page and edit it for the second band my problem occurs
After Im done editing the second page everything on the first page has changed as well
Each page got separate names and file names
what am I doin wrong?

Each page should have its own folder name. The file name should be index.html (or.php)

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are you using Stacks? You didn’t make the whole page a partial did you?

Yes I am using stacks but no dont think I did

Will try that, thanx!

Both pages have separate folder names and both are named index.html
I tried creating the band pages separately in their own project and just drag them into the page but it refuse to use the latest saved version of the project instead its showing an old version, when looking in the project folder there is only one page saved but that is not the page showing after adding it to my page
I am totally new to DW and this is just very confusing

It’s hard to help we are “running blind” here.
Can you give a screen shot showing your page organization?
Can you show us a screen shot of your publishing settings?
Have you published? Can you share the url?
Have you exported all? If so, are the folders and index files there?

The only thing I can think is that you are somehow overwriting the page each time.

I’ve seen plenty of crazy things here, but the things you’re describing are pretty far removed from anything I’ve seen or heard about before.

Do you think you could post a few screenshots showing some of the stuff you’re describing? Perhaps with a few pictures it would help the experts here see what you’re seeing more clearly.


The page has not yet been published

That helps, do you realize that that is a sub-page of the one above (so it would be /TheVault-folder name/page-2)?

On another note you should name the folders like: 220-volt and ac-dc (no / in folder names so no ac/dc) for better SEO

Now I guess the question is; Is that the structure that is getting published to the server?
If Yes…
It should work so have a look and make sure you don’t have both index.html and index.php files in the folders.
If not…
Is that the structure that gets exported when you do an export all?
If that does get exported correctly, Let’s have a look at your project settings and your publishing settings.

So you say take the 220 volt page out of the vault?
There are about 500 bands on this site so I just figure it be easiest to keep em all under the vault which contains the list of the bands
Still not sure how the 220 volt page can change after I edit the AcDc page, in what way are they connected?

Not what I am saying. You can certainly have sub pages (although no menu system I know of is going to deal with 500 sub pages under one parent page).

Show me a screen shot of the vault page settings please.
And one of the acdc page.

I was just asking if the actual file structure was publishing and exporting correctly.

If you have the site published a url would be very helpful as well

Okay, I see. You are not adding the subpages to the nav, you are going to create txt links on the vault page.

So the 220 volt page should be at:

Is that where it publishes?

Yes the correct adress would be

That is not at all what you showed above.

You really should name the file index.html name the folder 220volt
Index is the default file name.
So someone would go to: ( index is assumed)
Instead of going to

If you put all the pages in the band folder and change the file name that can cause some issues and be hard to maintain. If you are doing that that is probably what is messing you up.there are other files in use besides just the .html file. You may be overwriting something.
Give each page its own folder
Name that folder something meaningful
Leave the file name as index

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Hey Scott!
Would it be possible to email the project to you so you can take a closer look?

Maybe, but it’s not that simple.

I would have to have the theme and any stacks and plug-in’s you use as well and the same version of RW.
That being said, if you want to compress it and stick it in dropbox (or similar) and PM me a link I’ll give it a shot.
Another / better option might be to do a skype screen share with me so I can see first hand what’s going on.
I would be happy to arrange that with you if you have (or can install) Skype.
Send me a private message and we can work out the details.

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