Publishing site problem

I am running 8.5.1 and ready to publish a new site. I have copied the exact server settings from my holding page and nothing happens when I try and test and publish my site.

One thing that I have changed is setup a Cloudflare account to force https.

So with this in mind in the publishing settings where you input your website address do I keep that to http or do I change to https because currently whilst trying both none work so I think that might actually not be the problem

Would probably be helpful to see a screenshot of the publishing settings.

You mentioned CloudFlare, you need to be publishing to an IP address not a server name if you are using CloudFlare as a dns.

CloudFlare will not allow ftp to your original server.

So if your publishing settings are set to something like and you’re using CloudFlare as your dns CloudFlare will block the access.

You can use an IP address instead (best practice) or you can by pass by Creating a grey-clouded record for your FTP.

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