Puzzled by warehouse images showing up locally

Hi Guys

RW 7.4 + Foundation

I have set up a site to exclusively use warehoused images.

However when I publish locally and review the folder structures of my pages I am shocked to find images contained within the file structure.

I was under the impression that warehousing meant that RW simply referenced and called for images within an online domain.

Am I mistaken and missing some key points here ??

Hi Steve

Thanks for your time in responding.

I have simply referenced in the various stack to use “Warehoused Images” rather than local and then set the link to my “http:www…” domain where a folder named “assets” resides.

I then FTP those images to the 'assets" folder

The images render as expected with no issues.

Indeed when I publish locally and check the various page folders the warehoused images suddenly appear !! - hence being puzzled


Hi Steve

After publishing locally and then inspecting the published folder with Finder it is then that I have discovered the images and interestingly those images do not have the same filenames as I named them prior to FTP.

The files locally have had the filenames changed.


Hi Steve

Interesting points.

Given your comments I have doubled checked on the published server site and indeed I can confirm that those images are also resident in the file structure there.

What do you suppose is happening ??

Any ideas on what I need to do ??


Hi Steve

So I have just looked at one of the pages as suggested in Transmit and here is the url path to an image on that page : ftp://www.csmltd.com//htdocs/test-site/about-us/files/stacks-image-9705504.jpg

The url to my test site is currently : http://www.csmltd.com/test-site/

It could be that if you don’t delete the local image from stacks, and then choose to use a warehoused image, that the local version will still exist in the file. You can see these images in the project file after a reload so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are republished even though you are no longer using them.

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Hi Gary

Thanks for your input also !!

I did once use local images but then "crossed out "the image use and configured the warehouse image.

I assumed that by simply selecting warehouse images all would be good to go.

What I did also do locally was to delete the published folder entirely and republished afterwards using the warehoused image set-up - but still the images re-appeared locally.

What gives do you think ?



Being very new to RW + Foundation I’m not too clear on how I would go about deleting the local files - if that is what I need to do - can you advise what I should be doing ?


In a way it can be handy to have the local image still in the project file so that you can go back and use a different image during the development phase. It is a bit clunky though.

RW’s whole handling of images is just clunky IMHO.


Steve / Gary

I really do appreciate your time , thoughts and efforts !!!

Given your sage advice I will run through each page in turn seeking out those pesky local images that I may not have deselected and do as you suggest.

After which I will republish and revert with my further observations - hopefully it will be all positive - watch this space !!


Hi Guys

So after following the advise given I went through all of my pages and stacks disabling the warehousing in order to expose any locally ‘hidden’ images (a few were indeed found) which enabled me to click the ‘x’ delete button and then restore the warehoused versions (it was good to see that the url path to the warehoused versions wasn’t lost which saved me having to utilise text-expander to help with that possible task !!)

I then deleted the entire site folder both locally and on my server and republished to both.

As predicted all local image files were no longer present and the site references the warehoused images (and videos) without issue.

When I looked at the site folder size previously - with some of the local images intact - it stood around 15mb.

This size has now reduced significantly down to 6mb which is a welcome saving.

As you are aware the site is still in formulation but I believe I am now working much faster and more efficiently thanks to your help - Robert at Joe Workmans and Andy Tavernor at Big White Duck.

Thanks to you all for your help in making my transition from Freeway much easier than it would have been.