*Solved* Warehousing Images for my Newsletter

Hello everybody,

I use RW7, and the Email stack by Joe Workman.

I set up my “Welcome Email” for subscribers.

However when I preview the images in MailChimp I get this:

It looks like I need to warehouse my images, rather than “upload” them through the stack’ settings.

I want your suggestion on where to create a Warehouse/Asset folder within my FTP folders?

I am using a separate RW-project for building my newsletters’ mails, so does it mean I need to create the Asset folder for my warehouse images outside the public_html folder where my all the files of my site are located?

Any advice is highly appreciated.


I don’t know how Joes Email Stack works in regards to images.

  • You could use a FTP app to upload images to a server folder, problematic there an easy way to get the live link of the image
  • You could upload images to Mad Mini, there the challenge to get it displayed in RW correctly

A nice way is to use Repository Stack and its image upload / copy URL to clipboard functionality. With that, you are easily able to warehouse your images and include them in RW pages or emails.

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Hello Jannis,

Thanks for your reply.

This is how the Image Stack inside the Email plug-in by Joe Workman works:

There is the possibility to use a Warehouse Image by simply changing the settings.

I thing I would opt for this option by using Filezilla.
Do you suggest to create an Asset folder for my Warehoused Images inside the public_html or on a separate folder?

Thanks for suggesting Repository Stack, but I think I am all set to make it work with the resources I already got.

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

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I would create a separate folder to have everything clutter free :wink::+1:

It’s the first time I am doing this, and I am not sure I am doing it right.

  • I am using Cpanel-FileManager: its interface is more readable for me compare to Mozilla at this stage (I am not a Web Designer).

  • I created a folder (named “assets”) with a subfolder inside (named “mail”).

  • Inside the mail folder I uploaded my .png file. (see pic below)

A this point I need to insert the URL, or path to the image stack. So, when I right click and select “copy” to the .png file I see this:

I read a few guidelines on Warehousing, and to my understanding the URL should be: https://healingdietcoach.com/assets/mail/logo_horizontal_grayscale_rgb.png

By the way, my website is www.healingdietcoach.com

Unfortunately, inside RW this is not working. I get a question mark icon, instead of the image.
Also, if I hover on top of the Warehouse icon inside the stack setting, this message shows up: “Local image or warehouse image must be published in order to work inside your email”.

Is there anything I am not doing properly?.

The root folder of your domain name is located at /public_html/

Then …

You need to create the folder and add the image inside the /public_html/ root folder

ie. /public_html/assets/mail/ and place the images in there.

Hello Bill,

Thanks for your help!.

I moved the folders inside the public_html folder. I then copied this URL in the image stack https://healingdietcoach.com/public_html/assets/mail/logo_horizontal_grayscale_rgb.png

… but still is not loading. There is a little, blue, tedious question mark icon instead.

remove the /public_html from the address, so like this

That seems to work. You can test it by pasting that link into a browser.

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Ace Robert !!! Thank you so much.

The image is showing on Preview inside RW now!.
One question, Is it normal that in Edit mode a Warehoused image is displayed with the question mark icon?


I am not sure on that one, I believe it will show what it can in edit mode, and since it could not find the image, it showed the default web standard for missing image, but I could be wrong.

Update: :slight_smile:

I inserted the URL again, after deleting and re-inserting the stack and is now working super duper fine !!!. It is showing well both in the Edit and in Preview Mode.


I am going to try if it is now going to display on MailChimp.

Thanks for your support.

I’ll keep you updated


Glad to help.

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It’s working on MailChimp. All images are showing!.

Thank you Robert and thank you everybody that helped me on this topic.
You all have been super helpful!.

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:

I have found that if I change a warehoused image or correct the url having entered it erroneously and been given the question mark icon, then the change is often reflected immediately in Preview but not in Edit.
You asked if this is normal. It is, though ideally it would update in edit too so I think it’s a bug.

The only sure-fire way to get a changed warehoused image to update in edit mode is to close the project and re-open it.

Hello Ric,

Thanks for your insight.

Yes, that’s actually what happened to me. Now is all working fine.

I appreciate your message :slight_smile:


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