Question about Strata Theme & Rapid Cart Pro

I feel like I have inundated this forum with questions but pretty sure this is the last one!

  1. Im using strata theme, I changed the MENU button wording its a little longer. Here is the change I would like: when using mobile devices I would like the MENU button to not show any words just the 3 lines.

  2. Rapidcart pro & Strata: I have a banner on most of my pages, but I would like the banner to be removed when making a purchase with Rapidcart - so I would like the cart pages to have no banner

  3. When using a mobile device I would like the cart button to say “Cart” otherwise if your not internet savy you might have no idea how to proceed to checkout.


Still hoping for help on #1 especially, And a change to my original question: I would actually like to keep the verbage on my menu button when using a mobile device, and have the menu button appear first and on top of the banner. This way it is not covering up any of the kiddos faces. Is this possible? Any mobile specific code I can input?
#2 is not as important but still would be nice to have an answer
#3 I just asked the developer directly and am waiting for a reply.
Thanks everyone

That menu on mobile can be pesky! I’d shoot an email over to Nick directly. I’ve done so dozens of times and he’s super helpful with just the right code.

If that doesn’t work, you could hide the menu on mobile and put in an alternative navigation that only displays on mobile. It wouldn’t be nearly as elegant, though.

Give Nick a try.

Your store page is
I don’t know details on theme’s settings but you should be able to hide banner on this page only by disabling “Use Master Style” option in Page Inspector > Theme (fifth tab) and editing style.

Your website is really cool by the way.
Instagram feed in home page is a nice addition.