Rapidcart 3 and Nick Cates Strata Theme

Hello All,

I am working on a project with Rapidcart 3 (latest version) and Rapidweaver 5.4.1 using Nick Cates Strata Theme. Stacks 2 and Mac OS 10.11.1

The issue is when I view the cart page on mobile devices, the products get cut off and the cart covers up the menu button. Please help. Its fine in the desktop version… but in mobile the cart is not responsive.

Thanks for any advice



I’m quite sure that RapidCart 3 is not responsive, which would explain the cut-off button and description text. Maybe this plugin will be updated in the future, but I don’t know if there are such plans. Anyway, I would advise to upgrade to RapidCart Pro 4, which is absolutely brilliant (and of course responsive)! There is an upgrade price for owners of RC3. But to use RC Pro 4 you would need Stacks 3 and for this you need RapidWeaver 6, so it seems to me you’re stuck in your dated installation/configuration…

Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling:

Believe it or not I have all of the upgrades. :yum: Rapidcart 4 and Stacks 3 and RW 6!! But I took a quick look into RC4 and got overwhelmed… I need to read and learn all about it. Especially because I use PayPal and in RC 3 you just drop in the email addy but in RC4 it looks more difficult… anyhoooo I thought there might be a little snippet workaround that I could bump the RC cart bar down. Still hoping


Hi Mika, now… that’s good news! :slight_smile: I can understand that you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with RC Pro 4, but be assured that diving into it is worth the effort. If you should have questions about how to configure Paypal in RC Pro 4 (or even if there’s some code snippet to make RC3 at least a bit responsive) you can file a support ticket here.

Best, Matthias

RapidCart 3 is not responsive.

@RapidBase I confirm RapidCart Pro requires RapidWeaver 6 but Stacks is not required.
RapidCart Pro comes with three companion stacks that let you extend store functionality outside its own page, but they are not mandatory.

@mikaworks RapidCart Pro is definitely a more complex plugin than RapidCart 3 due to its powerful functionalities.
Here’s a comparison list between the products.
But we designed RapidCart Pro with “RapidCart philosophy” in our minds: small requirements and easy setup.
Setting up the same configuration you have in RapidCart 3 is still easy. In addition there’s a handy import functionalities that lets you migrate your store from RapidCart 3 to RapidCart Pro in just one click.
I suggest you to take a look at RapidCart Pro manual and download the sample project.
Here’s the published result using some of the best themes available for RapidWeaver 6.

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