Help..please. strata theme loading weird

i redid my website using stacks and strata theme. when i view it android mobile …stacks only load in landscape…not portrait. so if holding phone vertical it appears to just show banner and title. you can see what i mean at was using bravo theme before but told it was not responsive enough. can someone tell me what i am missing

What are you using for shopping cart/catalog, looks like it’s to wide.
Okay on iPad port and landscape. iPhone doesn’t show. But items show if select from menu

Correction: some show, like apparel and stable supplies others don’t

i am using 1shopping cart. i also use an addon to “show more”. from cos culture. even that is not wroking in every stack with this strata theme. any themes you would recommend. as you can see i have a lot of pics and need faster loading

You can just switch to another theme and see if it makes a difference (try another built in one) I’m guessing it may not make a difference. It seems strange to me that the apparel page works but some others don’t, is there anything different in the page settings on the apparel page?

I’m not fimilar with 1 shopping cart, is it a “plug in” type online service like ecwid etc?(did you paste in some html or JS) If so, there may be adjustments you can make within the cart code itself. i use ecwid quite often and you can change the code there to make adjustments if needed.


my shopping cart in online service…don’t think its that. i was using bravo and was not having any problems with it resizing to different devices. problem was i was looking for a static menu that stayed at top of screen. my current site is still up at using bravo. google wants responsive sites now…not just separate mobile . i am starting to think i should try to learn wordpress…frustrated. i use responsive stacks and zoom images…same as old site…something is not right with this theme…maybe add ons aren’t compatable. why would page show in landscape on cell but not portrait?

maybe its the cos culture “add more” add on. ?

I would:

  1. See if there are any differences is settings of the clothing page that works and ones that don’t.

  2. Just load a different theme (one of the built in ones) you can change back and forth with no problem.

  3. Disable the add on.

Until you see what is causing it.

ok…went back to old bravo theme and all things went back to normal. site shows on mobile both vertical and horizontal. not sure what the problem with strata theme…must be a conflict with an add on…but thanks for your help.