Question for any Rapidweaver Cloudflare users

I’m thinking a getting a free account with Cloudflare but have a question as I’ve never used it before. The main reasons I want to try it out is to see if I get a speed increase and also a SSL certificate.

My question is does the speed increase apply to static content only? The reason I ask is that most of the content on my website pages is content pulled in from elsewhere (twitter, facebook, google maps etc). I can’t see how this would be accelerated but maybe I’m wrong.

Depending on what theme you are using there could be a large amount of stuff you don’t see. Things like CSS files, jQuery Javascript files.

Its free and does not hurt.

Just remember that it is cached so you need to go into Cloudflare and refresh things when they change.

If you are a member ($10 a month) @ben has a great tutorial on this in the rapidWeaver commuinty site:

Not saying you should join just for that but there are tons of other great tutorial as well.

That’s correct. CloudFlare will not cache/speed up content you’re pulling in dynamically from other sites.

And as Doug says, we have some tutorials on the community site that covers this stuff.

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Thanks for the replies and clarification on this.