Questions about Screens stack

I like the polished look of transparent/overlay headers - is that the correct term? - where a background stays fixed and content slides up over it, such as the example at the top of MultiTheme’s sample Gamma page: ( and maybe I should just try the theme.

I also REALLY like Joe Workman’s Screens stack demo: . I like the full-width panes, and the ability to scroll side to side or up and down. I’m working on a website that will have a lot of information and links, and it’s difficult to make a multi-layered site look clean. If Screens works the way I am guessing, I could have several top-level screens, with a slide for each major content area, or maybe the Hero header to go into a busier page. And, not sure, but it seems like there’s a way to control the autoscaling on busy pages so they still display well on mobile devices.

It looks like the Slides don’t wrap around, and when you get to the last one you just swipe back. Is there a way to wrap back to the first Slide?

Is there a way to get that opaque-content-scrolling-over-fixed-background look with Screens, at the top of the page?

Has anybody built a site using these stacks that I could look at? I would love to see some more examples of what can be done with Screens. It looks like a perfect way to bring some clarity into a busy site.

Thanks ever so much.

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