Screens stacks and the Sweep theme question?

Hi all, Is the vertical sliding effect used in the screens stack from joe workman the same as 1LD’s Sweep theme? it looks like screens uses sections next to each other sliding up/down while the sweep theme has the sections on top of each other like layers. Can someone who has these products chime in if thats correct, thanks!

In order to achieve the swipe to scroll a whole page at a time, they actually both use content that is stacked, a bit like a full screen vertical slider.

Screens slides one out as the next appears while sweep slides one over the other.

It really depends on which effect you are looking for and which of the associated stacks that come with each product is most applicable to your use case that should influence your decision.

Thanks for your reply. I was looking to see if i could get away with just buying one product, but ill pick both up. Was looking at the hugeinc site and it looks like it uses the slides on top method. I could see uses for both products. RW has come a long way, some great stacks/themes available.

The hugeinc effect is quite complex and not really possible to replicate completely with either of the stacks.

There have been attempts to replicate it using plugins (including the fixed foreground elements), the closest of which uses a plugin called pagePiling.js.

It is described in an OXP tutorial here and you can see it in action on codepen here

All interesting stuff, but it is far from a drop in RW solution I’m afraid.

Definitely cool stuff! Thanks for the links. Too bad it can’t be replicated, yet.

Is it just a case of it being such a specific effect that I don’t see any of the off the shelf stacks doing it any time. But who knows with stacks anything can happen and quite often does.