Poster blog order?

Hi, I use Poster to have the blog posts created, but what it does is the last blog first on the page, if I do not drag the latest post at the top of the page. I would like the blog posts to be in chronological order with the latest to be seen first, and as more posts are created the others disappear to the next page.

I thought that I could solve it (because I was making the mistake) to have all the blogs as single posts but that seems to create only more pages.

It makes sense to click and add more to the bottom, instead of adding it to the top, is there a way to reverse the order displayed?

I hope this makes sense, I attach some screenshots.


Unfortunately the stacks plugin does not support having the blue (+) add button at the top of the page.

2 possible workarounds:

  • copy/paste the topmost Poster Item and change the new generated item. Most of the times you want to keep some of the settings inside the item.
  • drag and drop a new Poster Item from the Stacks library above the topmost item.

These are also described in the tutorial videos here:

Displaying the items in reverse order isn’t possible in this version.

Thank you, I will keep doing it as before the :slightly_smiling_face:

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