Quicktime plugin missing when trying to play movies

I’ve been evaluating different themes to purchase. I’ve noticed that all are having trouble with missing movie playing plugins. I’ve tested on Mac Safari and Firefox. I think this is a problem or limitation with OSX 10.11. How are people working around this on their sites?

I think this is because you are playing .mov files, which is a VERY out dated format and most browsers do not allow for this anymore. I would suggest converting your movies to .mp4, you can get a great free video converter here:

This will also convert the files to webm and ogv files so other browsers who do not support mp4 can play them, I would suggest using a player that supports all types of files like Joe’s HTML5 Video stack

I believe you @zeebe. Please look at the movies on this site’s page.
Can you tell if they are .mov files?

My guess would be yes, they are .mov files, it is probably using the old Movie Plugin that came in RapidWeaver 5 and lower. I can not tell for sure, as I can not inspect the page that comes up and says I am missing the QuickTime plugin.

Not sure that’s the problem here:

http://michaeldaviddesign.com/themes/halogen/movies/files/page3-movie-1.MOV is the source file and it plays fine. Looking into why this isn’t working - however, I should note that we’ve retired the Movie Album plugin…


I’m now seeing the same problem, running El Capitan when I try to watch a Quicktime movie its says the plug-in is missing.

There are two locations that could be causing this HD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins or /user/Library/Internet Plug-Ins

Look for a folder called Disabled Plug-Ins, if Quicktime is in there then drag it out into the Internet Plug-Ins folder, you may need Administrator access, make sure that after it has moved that the version in the Disabled Plug-Ins folder is deleted. Check both user/Library and HD/library.

Restart Safari and see if this fixes it

I don’t understand why Apple does not offer the ability to record in .mp4 format on iPad and iPhone Cameras. Both devices can play .mp4 movies (H264 codec) so I it makes no sense that they restrict their cameras in this manner. I record over a thousand movies per year for my website and they are all in .mov format for this reason, I think its time of Apple to let go of .mov

I found the disabled Quicktime Plug-in, moved it to be enabled, .movs play now.