MP4 video not working - Firefox/Chrome

Hi guys,

Another day, another problem.

I’m using the stacks4stacks - Player stack.

It’s working fine in preview, however when I come to preview in Firefox & Chrome, the audio plays, the video doesn’t.

The video works fine using Safari browser.

Things i’ve checked:

  • video flag set in Player stack

  • Video is .mp4

  • URL is correct & pointing to the right file on the server end

  • I’ve checked for the presence of MIME on the server end (i can see .MP4 is configured)

In my limited experience I’m now at a loss as to why the video isn’t playing correctly.

Appreciate any & all advice,

Kind regards,


Could you add the webm file as well? These browsers might need those to display the video…

Hi Jan,
do you mean the MIME webm?

You will need two video files for player. One .mp4 and one .webm, at least that works for me.

Hi Jan,

so how do you configure that?

Isn’t there a link in the stack settings, one for mp4 and one for webm?

If you put the URL to the mp4 directly in the URL bar, it should play. If it does not play, then the encoding of the mp4 is wrong. You will need to re-encode the video.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for that. I put the URL into Firefox & it only played the audio, so guess it’s wrongly encoded.

Any suggestions for the best solution to encoding it?

I’ve used both the MacX video converter pro, and the free Adapter app. I selected .mp4 as the format.



Hi Jan,

I figured that out just after I’d replied to your previous message. I put the .webm version in the stack settings, but it didn’t work either. I’m assuming the file is wrongly encoded.

All working now, no idea what I did wrong, another noob mistake, but thanks again for your patience & replies,

Kind regards,


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what was it?


The file was corrupt. I grabbed the original again, didn’t edit it this time, and voila! It’s displaying as expected.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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