QUOTE Stack recommendation Needed

Something more flexible than the built-in RapidWeaver Quotes Stack (more formating/styling options).
All suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Thanks, I had seen this after I posted. It’s definitely going in the right direction but no cigar yet. I’m not warm to the built-in design choices. Still searching…

You could try

I can only highly recommend the stacks from Bryn Owen Design! Like this one:


Remember too that you don’t necessarily need a dedicated quotes stack. A good option is just adding your own content into a slider stack.

If you don’t have a decent slider stack in your collection then you might check out Splider. Here’s an example of using it to show some quotes.

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Was going to mention 1LD CleanQuotes but it doesn’t appear directly on their site now. Here’s a link just in case. Must be discontinued? https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver/kb/cleanquotes/

There’s Will Woodgate’s Quoteslider stack - https://stacks4stacks.com/quoteslider/

Or you could just use a text stack and add a few flourishes - https://www.thebrightoncopywriter.co.uk/Testimonials/


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