Radar Chart from D3

Am trying to get a radar chart on our website and have been experimenting by leveraging code from D3 examples http://bl.ocks.org/nbremer/21746a9668ffdf6d8242
I copied the HTML and pasted into an HTML stack. Copied the D3 JS and pasted into the JavaScript in the inspector. Am using the Yuzools Prisms theme and was able to duplicate the radar chart on the D3 site.

Problem I’m having is when I go into the HTML and try to change labels, the radar chart will not show up on preview anymore and even when I retype the original label name it will not come back unless I copy and paste all the HTML all over again. Basically, I cannot customize it and am completely lost on what to do next.


Have you tried to edit the code in an external app, like TextEdit or TextWrangler and then paste it into RW (don’t forget to paste as plain text)? As a matter of fact, perhaps all you need to do is paste the code as plain text.

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Thanks for the advise. Tried this and Plain text pasting is not the culprit. Will try TextWrangler next> I suspect this is a deeper code issue though

Using TextWrangler for all edits did the trick! Yay! Thanks!!