That Stacks label name disappearing issue

(Lisa Sandler) #1

So that thing that happens when the labels disappear… so weird. Anyone able to troubleshoot yet? Still happens often for me.
I pasted a stack below another similar stack and you can see the yellow circles. One shows link labels, the other doesn’t.

(Jason Bostick) #2

Resurrecting this because it has a screenshot. Has anyone else had this issue? I didn’t see it after a quick search on the forums…

(Doug Bennett) #3

Yeah, I see it a bit now and then. Can’t seem to figure out what causes it. It seems to go away when you leave the stack and check come back to it.

(Greg Schneck) #4

Yep… get it here sometimes too…

(scott williams) #5

Yes, I get this behavior from time to time but I have no idea what causes it, and can not Reproduce it.

(Lisa Sandler) #6

Ditto to what @teefers said. I was wondering if it might have to do with duplicated/copied stacks. I haven’t been working on my website much but I got used to seeing it happen randomly.