๐Ÿš… Rails has returned. Available now at Weaver's Space

Rails is an easy to use single page menu that is super modern and elegant. Rails streamlines one page content design, and adds control and context with a navigation list to swiftly move between sections. Customize Rails with over 500 navigation icons, diverse animated transitions, and perfect your layout exhaustive formatting and color controls. Rails creates perfect one page layouts, in any theme, and keeps scrolling down a single page - refreshing easy.

If you previously purchased Rails from Nick Cates, you can use the order lookup tool on our support page to retrieve our version. The current version is v1.1.


Awesome, congrats on the launch!

@joeworkman Rails - need more offset

I am using rails and I need more offset at the top. Right now rails starts right at the top of the browser but I need to see some info above rails. Is there a CSS to add this? Thank you!

Jan(@Fuellemann), If I put something above the Rails stack it shows above the stuff in rails, so Iโ€™m not sure what you are asking for?

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Hi, this is the normal view:

When you click on an Rails item, rails will scroll to the top of the browser:

But I need to have the word Referenzen always visibleโ€ฆ


I see what you want. The Navigation is fixed position and uses inline styling (JavaScript) so it would be hard to override.

@joeworkman would probably need to address this.
Also Joe, I noticed if you put an external link in Rails and itโ€™s not the last item it throws the section number off and the navigation stops working.

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