Random image in Eclipse stack?

I have a set of 10 images in Joe’s Eclipse stack. Is there a way to randomize these? The use case is to present images as background on the main page.

If Eclipse cannot do this, is there another stack that would work. U’m using TCMS as the base for the project.


oh, I’ve read through this questionhttp://forums.realmacsoftware.com/t/random-or-daily-image-stack/19295 but the dialog stopped before resolutions were identified.

Have a look at Joe’s Impact stack, I don’t have it but it can do random selections and is TCMS compatible (Eclipse isn’t yet TCMS compatible and doesn’t have a randomisation option).

Good idea with Impact. That could work…

I cannot think of a way to do this with Eclipse. I do want to redo Eclipse in 2019. I will log this as a request for that version. Although it will probably come in the way of Total CMS integration like Impact has.

Thanks guys! I have Impact, and it works just like I want! Have a great holiday… Oh, 1 more, is it more efficient to have “local” or warehoused images?

Thanks again

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