Eclipse and warehousing

yesterday i got myself “eclipse”. mind you, it’s the first time (sic) so bear with me. i uploaded the pix in a folder on my server, rightclicked one image and duely copied the url link, then i inserted this link into “eclipse” where it says “set link” (see screenshot) i did the same for another 8 images. rsutat: nada, zilch! can i omly see the images once i published the site or what gives?
any help appreciated, greetings, tomas

The URL to the image needs to be http://. For example:

Watch shows 9 & 15 here:

The versions used in these videos are dated but the concepts are identical. Also check out this FAQ…

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dear @joeworkman, weeeeeellllll, i just tried it, changing all my 9 images to "http:// (see screenshot) but unfortunately still no luck :frowning:
cheers, tomas

You seem to have some odd folder naming going on there with 2 .de’s in the address.
Let say your domain is and you have created a folder called myimages in the root folder (the same place you publish your site to) and in the myimages folder you have an image called house.jpg.
The path to the file will be

If you are using transmit (or similar) to access your server then you can specify the path ( in the example above) in the favourite so that when you copy/paste links you get the correct address.

thank you very much, @PaulRussam, that was exyctly the trick! now i know for futre rerference!
cheers, tomas