Rapid Cart Pro Customizing Icons & Buttons

Hey @rob, I would like to customize the icon used when a products is marked as “unavailable”

Is this currently an option within the RCP settings?

Also, is it possible to add a custom url to a product’s button when it is marked as “unavailable”. I would like to have the button direct to an external page.



Alternately, having the button link to the product page would be great.

I was able to remove the icon using some javascript.

Now the question is just for to have the button link to the product page.

You can’t customize the icon from the plugin interface.
You can edit a PHP file where icon is hard-coded.
File to edit is versions.php located in /rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/templates/product/ folder.
Change uk-icon-ban code at line 52 with your preferred icon.
Complete icons list is available at Icon - UIkit.

As above, you need to edit the PHP file.

That did the trick. Thank you very much!