RapidCard Pro use as a catalog

I want to use this:

Turn your store into Catalog mode.

Set all your products versions as not available and hide cart in Catalog and Product pages using Customization Settings to turn your store into Catalog mode with no payment options.

But in the detail view of the product is always the cart button „sold out“.

How can I delete this button?

Thanks for some help!

Try… Customization - Localization- Product- Sold Out and delete words in white box to right of the Sold Out
above Versions section. I have not tried this by the way.

Your idea is not bad. But the button is still on. It only looks different:

I think I need the code for “display: none”

If you’re looking for CSS help a URL to at least a test page would help.

The page is under construction.
I uploaded it temporarily.

You can see my problem here:

I want to hide the button.
It should not be a shop but a catalog.
I read in the manuel that it should be possible.
But I have already turned off all possible functions.
Nevertheless the button remains.

I find the code.
.uk-margin-top.uk-button.uk-button-large.uk-button-danger {
display: none;
now it´s o.k.
thank you for help!

Not at my computer at the moment, but seem to recall that RCP has an settings option for “Catalog Mode” or similar which disables the e-commerce components.

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