RAPID CART PRO QUESTION about customization

(E) #1

Can I customize the SOLD OUT button?

Instead of SOLD OUT I’d like it to read SOLD
And instead of Red I’d like the button to be shocking pink.

Also what should the setting be to make this button appear when sold out?
For me it seems to sometimes work and sometimes not


(Scott Steven) #2

I would look at CSS for the button.

(Roberto Tremonti) #3

That’s all in documentation.

All labels can be translated in Customization > Localization window.
Sold Out label is in Products section.

Just use UIkit Customizer in Customization > Style window.

(Martin D) #4

Can I customize the appearance of order numbers? I need numbering upward, not random. Thank you for answer.

(Roberto Tremonti) #5

Not at the moment.
Thanks for your suggestion.