Rapid Cart Pro how to get APIs

I’ve been using RapidCart Pro to build new carts on 3 sites so far. The software has been mostly good to use but I can’t get the cart to link to PayPal. The old RapidCart and other payment software only wanted the recipient’s email address. RapidCart Pro asks for an API Client ID and a secret ID.
I have pasted below the section of the Manual that says how to do it, so I started on my own website’s cart to figure it out before I try the client ones.

First I had to upgrade my paypal account to a business one and then get into the developer area… beyond my scope of understanding.
I have spent 7 days in there going around in circles. You can’t create an app without having a sandbox account (not sure what that is). It won’t let me add a sandbox account.
I tried ringing paypal and they told me the merchant ID/username/password was the information I needed and that somehow I needed to squeeze the three lots of information into the two fields in the setup. I tried various combinations but they didn’t work. They didn’t know what API numbers were when I asked.
I thought the problem might be my Mac / browser. So I got my neighbour’s new Windows laptop and went through paypal again to no avail. I wrote to the paypal Dashboard people and suggested they make an easier way to get this info for other people like me trying to use RapidCart Pro.
Can anyone suggest anything? Can I go back to paying an email address? I don’t want to have to go back to the old carts after all my hard work! :slight_smile:

I believe this can be recovered from Paypal site

I just went through this process and it went fairly smoothly for me. I think it might be the Sandbox part that is tripping you up.

I don’t recall exactly how the process went for the first time but, I think if you log into that developer section, you should be able to select the Accounts tab under Sandbox (on the left-hand side), and create an account from there. Once you’ve done that, then you should be able to follow the Rapid Cart instructions you have pasted above.

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Thanks for your reply.
I can get into the developer section and click ‘Create App’. I type ‘RapidCart Pro’ in App Name click ‘Create app’. Unfortunately there is another field wanting a Sandbox account.

I go to Sandbox: Accounts and click on the only thing I can see: Create Test Account, fill in the fields but cannot click to make the account activate. I don’t know why I need to put an amount so I’ve just put 10.

I can’t create a sandbox account and I can’t make an app. If anyone can see what I’m doing wrong. please let me know :slight_smile:

This is driving me crazy because, I had that same screen (with nothing to select in the ‘Sandbox developer account’ dropdown) and I can’t recall exactly what I did. Through part of your sign-up/login with the Developer paypal page, it is supposed to create you two default sandbox accounts (a business and personal, and usually with a ‘-facilitator’ and ‘-buyer’ after your username) but it wasn’t automatic for me either, I had to enable it and I can’t recreate how I did it.

For your test account that you tried to create, did you ensure to select a Business type?

Sorry i can’t be of more help.

I have just managed to get the API numbers for my RapidCart Pro site and that of a client (which is live and seems to be working) all the way through to the paypal account (where there is something I need to ask about on a new topic). So, for anybody else who is having this API number problem, here is what I did to make it work - it might even work for you!

These are the original RapidCart Pro instructions, with the red bit added by me… - it’s a jpg you can grab.