PayPal API - Quick Question

Hi folks,
Just been updating my RapidCart Pro system to take Paypal and not just stripe. Stripe works fine, but I know things hav changed within the Paypal system. When I look at the API function int he business account of paypal, there are no longer the documented API Client ID and Secret.

I’m given three items which are API Username, API Password, and Signature.

I’ve tried the Username in the API Client ID section of the RC Pro, with either of the other two and it doesn’t seem to be working. I get a select payment option on the live RC Cart? Stripe still work fine, just seem to be me missing something here.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


I could use the answer to this as well :blush: )

Step by step procedure to get your PayPal API Secret and key is available here.

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An update to this for anyone whose interested.

Paypal’s site has changed look and feel over time, and while the “Manual” still gives you correct information, it does need a little updating. I did RTFM quite a bit, even spoke with Paypal. I know the Robert’s stock answer to a lot of the queries is RTFM and I have go into the habit of doing that. :joy:

To get this working you do need a professional business account with PayPal, otherwise you cannot create the API keys which for the UK means £20 per month plus all the fees they like to pile on top for processing. I know Rapidcart pro is just that. A Pro solution, but my feedback to the wonderful developers (as are all developers who spend time creating these tools for us mere mortals to use). Its worth mentioning upfront before people pay good money, so they know what they are getting into with PayPal.

Sadly, I like a few others aren’t the powerhouse developers of websites that a lot of the folks on here are. It is a bit of my job, not all of it. Maybe this a Newbie, or naive comment to make, but I really don’t care what people think of me.

However, STRIPE, don’t charge monthly fees, just transactional costs. Which for me is a better solution for the small throughput of business sales.

+1 for Stripe. Solid bit of software.

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Where did you read that a “payed” PayPal account is needed to use PayPal API?

From the official documentation you can see that a PayPal Premier or Business account is required.
PayPal Business account is free. You simply need to apply providing your business and bank details.

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By the way I agree that Stripe is much better.