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Hi I am wanting to use RapidSearch Helper with the basic RapidSearch stack. The instructions say that I need to “set the URL for the page that hosts your search stack.” However I am locating RapidSearch in a partial that appears on every page, not a single page. I am not clear how to complete this field on the setup.

Is this another foolish question from me?

Don’t know why you’re doing it that way?
From Rapid Search Website:

You would probably want to create a new Stacks page in your RapidWeaver project specifically to host the RapidSearch stack on.

I have Rapid Search Pro not the basic, but the “search stack” has the search bar built in. The Rapid Search Helper allows you to add the search bar and invoke the search from other pages. Since you are putting the Primary Search stack on each page, you shouldn’t need the helper stack on that same page.

Thanks for your help Doug. I think I have it sorted now. I have added a page for the Search Results which includes the basic RapidSearch stack and this is now the page that the site presents for the search results. I have also added a dummy navigable page to the project with named with the font awesome search icon. The RapidSearch Helper stack is in a partial that appears on every page and includes the TopBar Menu. I have pointed the RapidSearch Helper stack at the dummy search menu item in the Top Bar Menu and this now calls up the search bar reasonably nicely.

Thanks again for your help.

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