SimpleSearch and RapidSearch Helper on Foundry

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Hello there, I’m having a little trouble integrating RapidSearchHelper with SimpleSearch on Foundry. Whenever I set the RSH integration to ‘SimpleSearch’ it swaps back to ‘RapidSearch’ every time I close RW. I publish the files and I type in a word and it goes to the designated search page on my site, but with no results shown. Is anyone else having trouble with this?

(Doug Bennett) #3

You could if you want, but Adam answers questions on this forum as well(One thing no one wants is double posting questions on different forums). But since your integrating a stacks4stacks product with rapidsearch, it’s probably not Foundry causing the issue.
I have RapidSearchHelper and use it with RapidSearchPro and it works fine.

Just did a quick test and there appears to be a possible bug. I don’t have simple search, but I just tried changing both in a Foundry project and a non-foundry project. If I change to SimpleSearch it does change back to rapidsearch after closing RapidWeaver. Will woodgate @willwood does both products, so I just tagged him, but you may wish to hit him up with support at stacks4stacks.

So no not a Foundry issue.

(Michael C) #4

Thanks for the tip = will do

(Michael C) #5

This is really helpful and thank you. Noted on double posting and appreciate you highlighting that. Hopefully Will has some answers to this

(Doug Bennett) #6

You can try his contact page

(Michael C) #7

Many thanks for this

(Doug Bennett) #8

As I said I don’t have simple search, so I didn’t do a complete test. So it could be something missing on that side. I know it doesn’t switch back with RapidSearch Pro(I have that) and the switching appears to not be Foundry (or any theme) related.

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