Rapid Weaver Capabilities

I have built quite a few sites with rapid weaver however there were all average size
I have a pharmacy website to construct would the program be robust enough for a site that large?

Rapidweaver is a robust software. If the sites are getting very big, you should consider to break down the project in several RW projects. Rapidweaver is a professional tool.

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Ok thank you for your input

It would be interesting to know what you define as ‘average size’.

I’ve been through all versions since RW3 and I was starting to get stuck with RW5 and RW6 to the point that I was debating splitting my site or looking elsewhere.
The main problems were initial loading time and lagging on large stacks pages.

In it’s current form, RaidWeaver 7.5 seems perfectly capable of handling a ‘large’ site.
My site is over 650 pages and working on it is responsive and quick.
Loading (which on early RW6 could take up to 2 minutes) is just a few seconds.
Uploading takes a while after significant pages but is tolerable.

Here it is for reference:


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