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I am putting together a site for a client which, in total, will be around 350 pages. The site will feature logins for various different users/user groups for which I have installed Sitelok from Vibralogix. All good so far.

The site will have around 10 different sections - 1 for each of my client’s customers. Each of these sections will have average 30 pages (one for each customer premises).

Because of the size of the site, I had decided to have a different RapidWeaver project for each section (10) and upload them to separate folders on the server (they do not need main menus to link all the pages). Again, all good.

My problem (challenge) is that the site features Armadillo for editing the page content and uploading images and documents and this has presented a problem. Because Armadillo uses the “rw common” folder for its data, I have had to create a different database for each of the 10 projects which means there is potentially 10 different logins. This is cumbersome in operation as I need to be able to move freely around the whole site with just one CMS login

I am relatively new to Rapidweaver so I am not sure if this can be overcome but I wonder if there was a way to just have one login across the whole site but still use separate projects to keep the size of each down.

The other option is to just have the one RW project but I am worried that it may quickly become sluggish to work with.

Has anyone else had this issue before?

Many many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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