Rapidcart pro tutorial with Ben Counsell is Awesome! but questions

Thank you Ben Counsell! You are awesome! I am finally understanding RapidcartPro.

No offense, Robert T, but you did not answer my questions and it was frustrating.

I am slowly making my way through the tutorials on how to set up using stacks instead of the rapidpro cart only. I will add to this post as I have questions.

  1. I tried to install the Writer theme to use the tutorial but it’s not showing up as a choice, and tells me it’s not installed.

  2. Why do you not use the gallery stack from rapid cart pro… you are using photo base and photo group stack from Nick Cates instead… Do you not recommend using the gallery from rapid cart pro?

  3. If I want to make a store page, but I don’t want it to be the home page, does this still follow when watching the “custom store page” video instruction? I’m specifically not sure about deleting the html page… would I delete the html page for my store page? Instead of the home page? UPDATED: I figured this one out. All of my old html pages needed to be deleted, then my php pages took effect.**

  4. If I use the UIKit for customizing colors, how can I get it to keep the font I use in my RW file?

  5. I can’t get the cart to go through all steps. I am set up with my Stripe key and can add products, but the “next” button does not work after that. Here is my store page: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-store/?catalog/all/-/date/1

  6. My deployed page has a jquery red sad face… Email and Stripe keep going round in circles… what do I do?

  7. My versions carts are getting cut off on smaller screens. How do I fix this?

  8. I can’t see the options on iPhone when clicking on a version to choose. I guess the window is too wide for the iPhone? Workaround?

@ben any help you can give me? I’m so close to getting this done.

thank you, Lisa

I don’t know if this is related or not, but I’ve had troubles in the past where copy-pasting a key (from Stripe or Paypal) will sometimes have an extra space added to it. It’s worth triple-checking your keys (I’ll even paste them into a plain text file and double-check them there before pasting into RCP.

Again, a bit of a guess (and going off of memory, not being at my RW comp) but if you go into your RCP settings (probably under Product Settings), I think there’s a setting where you can set the number of columns based of screen size. If you change the small screen size to only 1 column, that might help…


@jabostick I did try replacing the stripe key and still having the same problem.

As far as the versions, there seems to be only one choice for columns, and I have it set on 3. I think it’s supposed to be responsive on phones? I don’t want to make it to 1 or it will act that way on larger screens too :frowning:

I could be wrong but I still think there must be a setting in there somewhere (I may have sent you to the wrong spot).

If you look at the two screenshots, and if you change the value of that uk-grid-width-1-2 to uk-grid-width-1-1 so that it displays in 1 column instead of 2, you’ll see that it looks fine on a narrow screen.

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I am not a programmer so although I kind of understand what code is and am able to work in RW with the help of others… I wouldn’t know how to change that unless it was an option. And from what I see in your screenshots, it is still getting cut off on the right? But again, I am a WYSIWYG gal :slight_smile:

This is what my options are in Rapidcart Pro as far as versions:

Hmm, I may be thinking of the Catalog settings that had different column options for small/med/large devices.

My screenshot is me just squishing things down really narrow (narrower than a typical phone width) When I look at it with the ‘Responsive View’, the one-column setup displays properly.

There’s probably some code you could add in but I’m afraid my right-click -> Inspect troubleshooting technique is the extent of my programming knowledge. (“Fake it til you make it!” :hushed:)

For what it’s worth, the site looks good on my phone but its a 6 Plus, so it’s quite wide…

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I do appreciate your help :slight_smile: I’m faking it for sure, lol. I’m looking on my iPhone 6. Hopefully someone else will get back to me. I think a lot of people are having problems with rapidcart pro. Seems to be a great program, but a lot of confusion on making it work completely.

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Thank you @LSPhoto — it’s so nice to hear people are enjoying the eCommerce course :smiley:

Try installing the theme and then restarting RapidWeaver, that should do the trick.

Using Photo to show you how you could build a completely custom gallery, rather than the built-in RCP gallery.

If you like the RCP gallery, then use it. There’s nothing wrong with it, but IMO Photo is nicer.

You’d need to set the font-family to be the same as the theme you’re using. Best to ask @rob, or submit a support ticket to Foreground, about this.

Again, you’re best to ask @rob, or submit a support ticket to Foreground, about these.

Sorry I can’t more than that, but I think most of these issues are specific to the theme and/or RapidCart Pro and @rob will be better placed to offer support.

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:

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@ben, thank you. Unfortunately @rob has been pretty MIA. I tried asking him questions before I got your tutorial and did not really get answers. I will try again.

I don’t know if this helps, but I got this error message after setting up Stripe and testing a purchase so I’ve had to remove it until the problem is addressed (I’ve listed it elsewhere on this forum). The associated link is over my head :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks… I saw your post and have been waiting for @rob to answer a lot of questions. Since I can’t even get past the first screen after adding a product to my cart, I have no idea.
Have you had a response?

Not yet. My project and the other carts for customers are currently stalled. I keep adding more products hoping the bugs will be fixed by the time all the stock is in there. Hope I’m not wasting weeks of time!

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I’ve been trying for about 2 months. I had to take a break because I wasn’t getting answers. Then I bought and followed @ben 's tutorial… .which is great but there are still some things that aren’t working… like the cart itself, and @rob seems to have disappeared :frowning:

Hopefully he’s busy coming up with answers to all our questions! :slight_smile: I check these pages every morning in anticipation.

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I check all day while I work!

What version of stacks are you using?

I had a few issues with my cart - I couldn’t even add products to it - that seemed to be fixed when I updated to the latest version.

There was apparently a problem with stacks loading an older js version. (I think that’s what it was - I wasn’t really paying attention)

Anyway, i republished all files and it worked!

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Your web server must support TLS 1.2 in order to work with Stripe.
Please contact your hosting provider.

Where else in the forum did you post the problem?
I can’t find it.

EDIT: Found it.

@LSPhoto @crystalcreek
Sorry for my late replies.
I had some personal difficulties.
I’m catching up with the support right now.


I’m using the latest stacks. Have republished all many times. I am wondering if my jquery is not updated but don’t know how to check it.

@rob I sent you a ticket in 4gnd. Still having issues with cart not following through.