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I am redoing my RW8/Foundation1 website with Foundation 6. I use RapidCart Pro. I’m looking to have a cart icon in the top bar menu that shows the current value of items in the cart and links to the cart page when clicked. In the old website I used some HTML code on an offsite page that linked to the cart (see below)

The new F6 top bat menu has made it super easy to add code or stacks to the menu soI’ve tried adding this code to the Top Bar menu stack in Foundation 6 …and it does make a cart icon come up in the menu but it doesn’t show any value and doesn’t seem to be clickable… I don’t understand HTML - this code was spoon-fed to me way back from a kind helpful person - so I don’t know why its not working in my new F6 project…

I could just add the RCPro cart stack to the F6 menu but the colours don’t look good with my website and I know from previous experience that once you start messing with the RCPro colours then other colours on the website seem to change too…

Please can anyone help with this… I just want a plain cart icon in the menu, with the current value showing and to be able to click on it to go to the cart

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Tagging @dylan because you made a beautiful site back in 2016 with a cart in the menu… maybe you could help with this please???

And Tagging @rob please for any help

In the Inspector sidebar for the offsite page what did you have for the URL in the existing site?

The Demo project that comes with RCP has the page name set like you have, but the URL in the offiste page points to a dem cart?


I would think you would need to point to the URL of your store page.

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Thank you… I did that… but still doesn’t seem to make the menu icon a clickable link… unfortunately
I think this might be because when i used the HTML in an offsite page it was added to the menu as part of the RW menu stack… but now I’m pasting the HTML code into the F6 menu stack there is no way to make it a link??


I’m flying blind here, I only have the demo version of RCP.

Sound like you are trying to build the menu manually and not use the RW menu option?

I just tried this and it seems to work with the Demo store.

I copied this into the HTML contents on a menu item:

<i class="uk-icon-shopping-basket uk-margin-right"></i><span class="rc-extras-cart-total"><?php echo $rc->extras->cartTotalLocalized; ?></span></span>


Then with that menu item selected in the stacks setting I set the link to the store(in my case it was the demo store since I don’t have RCP live).

Don’t know if it will work with a live site or not. I did notice you need an RCP product or Cart or the shopping cart doesn’t show up. You can set it to be hidden but the icon doesn’t seem to load any other way.


You are genius :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think that might work… You are right I am building the menu manually (with the F6 Drilldown Menu inside the Top Bar stack) and I had added the HTML code to a Menu Heading (which there is no option to link from) but now instead I added it to a Menu Item and there is the option to link that to a page or URL which I did and it looks like it works! You are also right in that you need the cart stack on the page somewhere even if its invisible. I’ll play around with it tomorrow some more but hopefully you have given me the solution… not sure of the difference between a menu heading and a menu item but it made all the difference here as you can only set a link from the latter. Thank again so much.

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