Rapidcart Pro - Basket that doesen't scroll

(Andrea) #1

Hi, I am trying to achieve a basket that doesn’t scroll and it’s always at the top of the page.
It’s there in the Demo Store of RCP, but I don’t find any code or hint on how to replicate it.

Someone knows how to do that?


(NeilUK) #2

Which demo are you referring to?

If it’s the main RCP site, the cart stack is in the navigation. Getting it work in the navigation would depend on the theme you’re using.

RCP includes 4 extra stacks that can be used to customise the store. There is a cart stack that would probably be the one to place where you want it.

There’s a section about the included stacks in the RCP manual https://tls.4gnd.com/rw/rapidcartpro/manual/#stacks

(Andrea) #3

I’m referring to the demo store that you can download from the RCP page.
I tried it with the themes I use and most of them are compatible (the cart shows in the navigation and doesen’t scroll).

I am aware of the stacks and I use them, are you saying I have to put the cart stack in the header section?
I don’t have a clue on how to do that, do I need a CSS?


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